Srikanth Shastry

Principal Associate - Urban Transport


Srikanth is a Principal Associate with the Cities and Transport at WRI. He is currently leading WRI's signature initiative, TRAC City, in India. Through his work he helps cities identify climate mitigation opportunities and promote low carbon development. Previously, he was working as a transport planner with EMBARQ India, the transport program of WRI India, where he co-led the Bus Karo Plus programme, a peer-to-peer network of public transport operators in India. Srikanth has been instrumental in assisting 9 cities in Karnataka successfully implement and operate city bus services. In the Intermediate Public Transport space, Srikanth has assisted the transport department in Chennai revise the auto-rickshaw fares through a scientific methodology; a first of its kind in India.

Srikanth has published extensively at WRI including papers on bus service optimization, transit-oriented development, and public transport affordability. Prior to WRI, Srikanth was employed as a researcher at the Indian Institute of Science, where he developed a web based multi-modal trip planner for Bangalore city. Before that he interned at the International Institute of Geo-sciences and Earth Observation (ITC), Netherlands where he developed a methodology to spatially evaluate transit oriented development and used the case of Ahmedabad city to support the methodology. He has also worked for a few years as a programmer.

Srikanth has a Bachelors’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rashtreeya Vidhyalaya college of Engineering, Bangalore and a Masters’ degree in Civil engineering and Management (Transportation) from the University of Twente, The Netherlands.

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