Snehil Sinha

Senior Associate – Cities And Transport


Snehil Sinha is a Senior Associate with the Cities and Transport team. She works with city administrations, mainly in Delhi-NCR to advocate non-motorised and multi-modal transport systems available. She promotes such sustainable transport options for which infrastructure can be developed in these cities. Snehil is also part of the core team that organizes India’s largest sustainable transport event called Car Free Day in Gurgaon every Tuesday and Raahgiri Say every Sunday.

Before joining WRI India, Snehil was a journalist for nearly four years. She has written extensively on environment, transport and health in Delhi-NCR and Chandigarh. She has also written about the consistent dangers of urbanisation being faced by the Aravalli hills and forest range, one of the oldest fold mountains of the world. She has worked for national media organisations like Hindustan Times, The Indian Express and The Sunday Guardian.

Snehil has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mumbai University and a postgraduate diploma in journalism from Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.

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