Prerna Mehta

Manager - Urban Development & Accessibility


Prerna is a Project Manager – Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India. Her work lies at connection of urban planning and sustainable transport. She makes technical inputs in urban development & accessibility projects and helps form and sustain partnerships with government and non-governmental organizations involved in urban development with objective to ensure on ground change.
Prior to WRI, Prerna worked for government, non-governmental organizations and private/corporate organizations. She brings more than 8 years of experience in research, academics and implementing planning & architecture projects. Her portfolio had projects such as Master Plans, Area & Integrated Development Plans, feasibility studies and construction Projects largely in northern India with more focus on Delhi & NCR.
Prerna has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Nagpur University and a Master’s degree in Planning (Housing) from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, India.

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