Neha Mungekar

Senior Associate – Urban Development and Accessibility


Neha Mungekar is a Senior Associate with the Sustainable Cities program at WRI India. Her expertise lies in developing inclusive public spaces by building capacity in local stakeholders and institutions. Her key projects include ‘Decongesting the Historic Core of Ahmedabad’ and ‘Structuring the Greenfield Residential Sector around Open Spaces in Naya Raipur’. She has also worked on the interpretation of the TOD policy in Delhi by engaging with Delhi Development Authority - UTTIPEC . Her earlier work includes projects that deal with improving pedestrian accessibility across stations and developing a high quality walking environment, using TOD principles.

Apart from transport, Neha has demonstrated strategies around water-integrated management in various projects, workshops and academic research. Neha holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from University of Mumbai and a Master’s degree in Urban Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

Beyond work, Neha is a published documentary photographer and traveller.

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